Air Conditioning Installation

Winter in Buffalo, NY can be cold – but the summers can be scorching hot and the humidity can be palpable. Precision Heating and Cooling is prepared to help you install HVAC solutions for home additions, new builds, or to replace an existing system.

HVAC Repairs and Replacement

Things can get uncomfortable fast in Western New York during the summer. If your A/C has broken down call us to schedule an appointment. If the matter is Urgent, please do not hesitate to call 24/7.

A/C Service

If you’re concerned something is wrong with your air conditioning system, or would just like to get a checkup, we offer full service and maintenance for your home or business’ HVAC or cooling system.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Often times existing homes without air conditioning solutions or home additions will not allow for traditional house wide cooling systems to be put into place. In these situations ductless mini splits offer efficient and flexible cooling solution.